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TuneFlow is a digital tool that brings together artists, venues and promoters through a powerful but familiar-feeling app to submit and keep track of set lists.

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MusicFlow is on a mission to give music creators and DJs clear sight of how and when their music is used. Together we believe we can get complete and accurate reporting of actual music usage in venues to get royalties into the hands of the people that are due them.

Technology has transformed music in many ways, bringing millions of songs to people through streaming platforms, the ability to access live events in one place and engage with their idols directly through social media. But there’s one group of people that the industry could do much, much more to help and we believe they are the most overlooked people in the whole industry -  DJs.


The organisations that manage the collection and payment of royalties simply don’t understand DJ and club culture and their processes and systems are based on assumptions made with incomplete information. This doesn’t serve anyone’s interests. It means DJs don’t get their dues and means the industry can miss the opportunity to unearth new and exciting talent or musical styles. With TuneFlow we believe that we can give that complete picture, based on actual usage in venues to the benefit of all.


It’s inevitable that organisations that have been around for a long time build things that reflect their own internal processes, everyone has had a frustrating digital experience at some time. And worse than that, other organisations can come along and build even more services on top of that.


At MusicFlow, we understand that creative people work their own way - their focus is creativity, not form-filling or admin. TuneFlow aims to reflect that, simplifying the complexity of the organisations that manage collection and royalty processing without sacrificing accuracy to give that complete picture of how and where DJs’ music is used.


Simple management of sets in a familiar feeling mobile app.


Taking the hassle out of completing a set list using AI and Music Recognition.


Making it easy for DJs to report their music use through a simple button click.

At MusicFlow, we also believe that musicians are a community, particularly in those scenes which are bubbling below the surface.  That’s why we’ve built a service that shows you what you’re making, and what you’re contributing back to other musicians and creators. The best way to bring people with you, is to show their actions are making a difference.

At MusicFlow, we want people to see that their actions make a real difference to their peers, collaborators and wider community, as well as themselves.


At MusicFlow, our commercial model means we won’t touch royalties, rather we will provide augmented smart services, insights and intelligence to those stakeholders in the industry who need them.

We care about creators.

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